I finished another two hour contest on CodeForces and I got to sit down and work on this project.  I was able to solve two problems, and I had 5 wrong submissions.   All my wrong submissions were on problem B.

This contest was a bit different for me.   The first problem had multiple correct answers.  I thought it was kinda neat having the server be able to judge something like that.   I was pretty impressed by CodeForces’ ability.

The second problem, I really started to give up and throw things on the wall and see what stuck.   The interesting things is I know the pow method is slow, so I decided to write my own.  Well it turns out that the BigInteger pow method is faster than trying to multiple the numbers together.

What was wrong with mine is the numbers got to big.   It slowed down to much.   However, it I tool the remainder of each one it would have gone much faster.

I posted my code here:

CodeForces Problem 324A
CodeForces Problem 324B