Today, I want to talk about my forgotten projects.   Today, I Googled my name and looked at Google Images.   Which was pretty interesting finding a model that has nothing to do with  me.

I have been having a hard time developing something to completion.  I think allot of developers feel the same way.   I am not doing this as a primary source of income to this tends to come second to everything else I do.   So let me tell you about three of my projects that I found screenshots I posted.  (So these programs were developed further that just “I got an idea”.)

However, I found this image:

Nimble Ninja

It was a project that I started working on at the beginning of 2015.   This was going to be I am back to programming and it will be awesome game.   It was going to be a ninja star throwing program, and I was going to film the development and post it on the YouTube channel.   I also decided that I was going to make the splash screen and menus and then the game second.  This way it has more polish.   I got pretty far, just no gameplay.

I am thinking about taking this code and reusing it for other projects because it is pretty well constructed.


The next game is a little order.  I started this right after the Crayon Game in May 2014.   It was a in reaction to Flappy Bird.   However, I didn’t want to create another Flappy Bird clone.  The development was a lot of fun.  This project was testing out animation and particle effects.   This game I couldn’t really figure out to make it really cool.    So it was just another pet project.


This is the last guy, and his name is Cool Guy.   He is my first pixel guy.   I was using him for my first tutorial series, but I found that animating him was really time consuming.   So he has two frames.

He was also used at a high school programming camp, and has had adventures in a few student projects.   Again, I forgot about it afterwards.