I was introduced to a game called Slither.io.  At first, I wrote this off as another one of these online massive player browser arcade games.   Which I still believe it is.   However, I also believe that these games are a waste of time, but they are super hard to stop once you start playing.

Last year, I was introduced to Agar.io.  Which is another silly dot game.   I saw so many of my students playing it and I really didn’t give it the time of day.   They were into it, fine.   However, it really wasn’t my thing.  But a year later, that silly dot game has lost it’s popularity, and in it’s place I am seeing slither.io and another game that you shoot squares and other people.

Now, I have a question for myself, what does it take to make one of these games?   These games run in the browser, have simple mechanics, but the hard question is how do they setup their networking.  I am really interested in knowing how.

So this is my challenge.  I will figure out how this works.   If you know of any interesting articles to read, please let me know in the comments.

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